About the case

Suppliers are one of the most important stakeholders, being responsible for adding value to the product or service, and it is of fundamental importance that there is excellent management to identify ESG-related risks. Depending on the company's sector of activity, the chain will have its own characteristics, for this reason it is important to map risks and opportunities, fundamental to the development of a prioritization strategy to define the suppliers that will be developed for sustainability.

In addition, there is a co-responsibility of companies towards their suppliers' attitudes, everything that happens in their value chain or in the life cycle of their products are perceived as a company's responsibility, generating immediate impact to its reputation and business environment. An environmental accident caused by a supplier or third party contracted by the company, or a human rights violation or an involvement in a corruption scandal, are seen as an inability to select good suppliers, ethical weakness or even omission or complicity. Companies should assist their suppliers in this journey of how to do this to benefit their business, communities, society, and the planet.

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