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Helping great brands a classify o level of sustainability e develop o ESG at company e at chain of chain.

To prosper, each company will have to deliver not only financial performance, but also show how it makes a positive contribution to society.

- Larry Fink, CEO of BlackRock, one of the great ESG milestones

End-to-end commitment

On the one hand, in order to follow global sustainability guidelines, attract investment funds investment funds and mitigate risks, large companies need to invest in sustainable practices and ensure the management of their supply chain.

On the other, to win more profitable business, suppliers need to adopt ESG best practices.

At Sustainable Business, we believe that a solid commitment to ESG is the key to a more sustainable future for all parties involved.

Value Chain

by Sustainable Business

Our Solutions

Classify and encourage ESG development in your supply chain.

Through a digital platform, we help companies rate the sustainability level of each of their suppliers, generating an evidenced rating against the main ESG criteria.

To do this, we have a team of professionals in Auditing, Consulting, Risk Advisory, ESG Performance, Procurement, Value Chain, and specialists from various industry segments.
Our methodology is based on international standards and assesses the dimensions of suppliers in: E (Environmental) with carbon token included; S (Social); G (Governance) and Value Chain.

Stages of the Value Chain

1. Evaluation and auditing

  • We collect evidence and audit all ESG requirements of the suppliers involved.

  • Each supplier goes through a trail of knowledge of the sustainability criteria with explanatory videos, reference materials for download, and guidance for better understanding of the themes, according to their maturity.

  • All this online. And during the entire process, each supplier has a consultant at their disposal for unlimited interactions.

  • At the end of this step, each supplier receives a rating and an individual action plan.

2. Action plan (corrective actions)

  • Based on the results obtained in the Evaluation and Auditing stage, an Individual Action Plan is set up to remedy the gaps found.

  • The supplier receives its continuous improvement plan focused on its business and has a sustainability consultant available to assist in the fulfillment of this plan.

  • Through the management dashboard, your company can also track the evolution of all suppliers.


Project timeline

The managers, together with our consultants, follow the whole process, having a panoramic view through the workflow chart, which facilitates the understanding and predictability of the steps.



Preparationof the Environment



Preparationof the Environment

(Initial Audit)

Deadline forSubmission ofDocuments



ResultVendor + IndividualIndividual Action Plan



Use SB Solution® consultingor the realization of the plan from the supplier



Deadline forSubmission of newDocuments



ResultVendor + IndividualIndividual Action Plan

Get to know SB Value Chain®

Are the suppliers your company works with in line with ESG requirements?

Sustainable Business® is the best choice
for those who seek assertiveness and results with expertise, method and technology.

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SB for Enterprise

by Sustainable Business

Our Solutions

Make sure that your organization is aligned with ESG criteria.

Solution for companies that want to implement ESG in order to mitigate risks and raise their sustainability ratings.

A journey to be in alignment with global sustainability standards in a way that not only adds commercial value to your business, but also brings real, positive sustainable impact across your entire management.

1.Diagnosis and Classification

The ESG Due Diligence evidenced is applied to assess your company's current ESG rates.


Transformation consulting for adapting processes, plans, policies, controls, and procedures, ensuring ESG compliance.


External audit process, performed by an independent certifying body.

Sustainable Business®

About Sustainable Business®

The world market wants companies that are responsible and committed to the present and the future of humanity.

Demonstrate your commitment to SB Sustainable Business
and be recognized as a sustainable company.

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About Us

SB Sustainable Business is an ESG consultancy focused on auditing the value chain of large companies.

It brings as a great differential the continuous improvement, helping the supplier in the whole process.

  • We grade the level of sustainability on the main ESG criteria.
  • We develop customized individual plans.


Qualities that make a difference for your company and for our world

Knowledge transfer

Education track on the trajectory of transformation on the main sustainability issues.

Personalized Experience

Process defined by company maturity.
Customization of questions and evidence to be collected.

LIVE Interaction

Consultant with unlimited live interaction for questions.

More than a platform

One-on-one consulting throughout the entire journey.

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Sustainable Business®


This is what happens when results speak for us

Classification and suitability for ESG

Count on Sustainable Business innovation to classify and develop your supply chain on ESG indicators.

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