Environmental, economic, and social sustainability presupposes responsible corporate behavior that prevents and combats environmental deterioration, natural resource depletion, and conditions that destabilize the economy and social institutions.

The World Economic Forum has already stated that the lack of transparency of the ESG ecosystem prevents investors from safely providing capital to companies. You need to adapt to the new business model and demonstrate in practice that your company and its suppliers adopt good ESG practices.


Certain that we have to move forward together, NTICS, specialized in creation with innovation, acquired SB Sustainable Business, working with chain certification. We offer integrated solutions for the sustainable development of your company and your chain. We invest in permanent accompaniment. With a team of professionals in Auditing, Consulting, Risk Advisory, ESG Performance and Value Chain Evolution, SB Sustainable Business Solutions is in the market with pioneering solutions directed towards sustainable development for large companies and their value chains.

More than service providers, we are partners, bringing trends to customers who want to improve their corporate social responsibility.


The only automated, data-driven solution for external risk monitoring and materiality analysis to serve the value chain.


We work in the development of social, environmental, and cultural projects that transform the communities in which the company operates. At the end of each project, a report is delivered with an analysis of the indicators related to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs).


Transparency and compliance: The SB Consulting CSR solution helps the governance of the entire Social Responsibility process of your company, from document evaluation, contracts, guarantee of planned and performed counterparts, approval of logo application, releases, final reports. For your company we present a Dashboard, which shows the situation of each bidder. For the proposer, a clear step-by-step on how to proceed with the realization and delivery of results for the sponsoring company.



On the SB Academy platform we offer opportunities to learn with exclusive meetings to talk about sustainability, stakeholder prioritization , ESG compliance, among other topics. And we also engage suppliers to participate in the Webinars.


After the supplier takes part in the training he will receive a certificate of completion, further evidence in the process of transformation of himself, his company, and the world.

Most companies lack a solid process for identifying and monitoring external risks in their value chain, and a tracked, continuous improvement program that can translate globally accepted ESG criteria. We do this for you. And you make the world better.

"To thrive, every company will have to deliver not only financial performance, but also show how it makes a positive contribution to society." LARRY FINK - BLACK ROCK

How about being part of this winning team that grows by helping others to grow?

SB SUSTAINABLE BUSINESS SOLUTIONS is an ESG Tech. Today recognized as the only automated, data-driven solution for external risk monitoring and materiality analysis to serve your company and your supply chain.

With ESG DATA INTELLIGENCE, we capture data that becomes information for decision making as well as monitoring for the financial market with audited evidence.

We have a team of professionals that encompasses the areas of Auditing, Consulting, Risk Advisory, ESG Performance Procurement, Value Chain and specialists from various industries and sectors with extensive experience and business knowledge!