Have you heard the saying that a picture is worth a thousand words? It is true for those who know how to interpret images. In the corporate world this is the case with dashboards.


It is a visual panel that contains information about the company's indicators: sales figures, projects, marketing, organizational performance relevant to the business strategy and to the achievement of objectives.

The dashboard serves to monitor data in real time, to check the company's growth, optimize processes, track performance. And this information must be represented with easy visual comprehension.

Executive dashboards for better decision making.

1) Follow up on the company's performance
2) Show indicators and metrics in an objective and clear way
3) Underpinning decision making
4) Facilitate data monitoring.

In this digital age, more than ever, business leaders need to monitor external risks, such as ESG, or they will be left behind.

SB CONSULTING CSR facilitates the governance of the whole Social Responsibility process of your company, since the documental evaluation, contracts, guarantee of planned and performed counterparts, approval of logo application, releases, final reports. Besides recording all meetings with bidders.

For the sponsoring company, we offer a dashboard that shows the live status of each bidder. For the bidder, a clear step-by-step on how to proceed with the realization and delivery of results for the sponsoring company.

We create customized indicators that will raise your company's ESG ratings, and make your social performance have a big impact. For your corporation and for the world.

Benefits for the management area:

1) Access to all bidders' documents and communications in one place; 
2) Access to the project execution system;
3) Approval of all communication pieces in one place; 
4) Governance and transparency throughout the process; 
5) Follow-up reports with standard templates; 

The company receives a login and password to the product management area for Incentivized Projects 2022, and the invitation can extend to up to 5 focal points within the organization.

Benefits to the bidder:

1) Download and Uploads of all documents; 
2) Access to the project execution system;
3) Approval of all communication pieces in one place; 
4) Governance; 
5) Follow-up reports with standard templates; 
6) Announcements to all bidders in one place;
7) Videos explaining each step.

The dashboard can also be made available to all employees. It is the concept of management at sight, which consists in making the indicators and relevant information about the company's processes and performance available to the entire team. A fundamental requirement of transparency and compliance.

This promotes corporate transparency. The intention is to push more people to make decisions, contribute with ideas, engage employees and suppliers to grow side by side with the company. Together, we transform realities.

SB SUSTAINABLE BUSINESS SOLUTIONS is an ESG Tech. Today recognized as the only automated, data-driven solution for external risk monitoring and materiality analysis to serve your company and your supply chain.

With ESG DATA INTELLIGENCE, we capture data that becomes information for decision making as well as monitoring for the financial market with audited evidence.

We have a team of professionals that encompasses the areas of Auditing, Consulting, Risk Advisory, ESG Performance Procurement, Value Chain and specialists from various industries and sectors with extensive experience and business knowledge!