With climate change knocking at our door, society, governments, and consumers are demanding more from companies than just products. It is necessary to have corporate social responsibility, known as CSR. So it is only fair that organizations make a pact with their suppliers, a commitment to a better world.


The complexity of supply chains has led to growth in the use of standardized CSR assessment platforms, such as EcoVadis. Want to know how it works?

EcoVadis is an online platform that provides supplier sustainability ratings. It thus enables companies to assess the ESG performance of their global partners. The system considers a number of CSR issues, grouped into four themes: 'Environment', 'Labor and Human Rights', 'Ethics', and 'Sustainable Procurement '.

Founded in 2007, the EcoVadis platform evaluates some 60,000 companies in 155 countries to improve their environmental and social performance. For this, 21 CSR criteria were defined, based on international sustainable development standards. The results are presented on a scorecard that points out strengths and areas for improvement. A tool to reveal who is the right partner you want for your business.


EcoVadis conducts individual, company-specific questionnaires tailored for organizations in 200 industries. After registration, the information determines which questions your company will receive. The more information, the more efficient the result and score.


The EcoVadis questionnaire is divided into four categories: Environment, Labor and Human Rights, Ethics, and Sustainable Procurement. According to the criteria, gather documentation proving that the topic is part of the company's entire CSR management cycle. Everything counts! Certificates, policies, evidence of external initiatives, procedures, activities, local audits, training materials, reports containing the company name, logo, date or implementation and / or review date.


The prioritization of actions is fundamental for the evolution of the company as a whole. And know that organizations use the EcoVadis tool to get answers and manage the CSR performance of their supply chain. Increasingly, requesting corporations require their suppliers to achieve a certain score or show continuous improvement. Receiving your EcoVadis score is not just a result. It means a constant starting over.


Remember that an EcoVadis assessment can begin at any time of the year. Once you start the survey, you will have three weeks to complete it or request a deadline extension. After submission, EcoVadis experts conduct their assessments, which take about eight weeks. The score is valid for 12 months.


EcoVadis can help you gain insight into the quality of your CSR-related management cycle. It provides a benchmark of your peers, gives your company the freedom to decide with whom to partner, alongside whom to grow, and transform the world.