About the case

Sustainable Business' consultancy was essential for nstech to face a number of challenges, helping it to align its operations with ESG principles and improving its corporate sustainability. With SB's support, nstech implemented a materiality matrix, resulting in internal policies focused on increasing sustainability and stakeholder engagement. As a result, at the end of 2022 and 2023, nstech obtained the "ESG Seal Sustainable Business" seal from QMS Certification, recognizing its contributions to a more inclusive and regenerative economic system.

In addition, joining the UN Global Compact and the 100% Transparency Movement marked a significant step forward in the company's journey, reinforcing its social responsibility, sustainability and transparency. nstech also developed a code of conduct, establishing a clear ethical standard for all employees and strengthening its corporate culture, as well as implementing a Whistleblowing Channel, promoting a more ethical and transparent working environment. These actions demonstrate nstech's ongoing commitment to being a responsible and sustainable leader in the business sector.

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