About the case

The Sustainable Business Project was fundamental in helping M. Dias Branco overcome its challenges in terms of sustainability and governance in its supply chain. The project began with the careful selection of suppliers, followed by registration on the Evolutto platform. An engagement plan was developed to ensure the active participation of suppliers, who received a personalized questionnaire. After submitting the necessary documentation, the suppliers were evaluated and classified based on an ESG rating, which takes into account environmental, social and governance criteria. This evaluation allowed for a detailed analysis and the provision of specific recommendations.

To further strengthen this partnership, actions were proposed such as new auditing and evaluation processes for the following year, with a special focus on raw materials and packaging, as well as a series of virtual educational talks to develop sustainable practices among suppliers. For 2025, it was recommended that an individualized SB consultancy program be implemented, aimed at the specific development of suppliers in the areas identified as needing improvement.

This continuous process of ESG auditing and consulting is vital to ensure constant adherence to ESG criteria, promoting a sustainable and responsible value chain. In this way, M. Dias Branco demonstrates its commitment to sustainability and corporate governance, establishing an operating model that values not only financial results, but also the environmental and social impact of its activities.

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