The forum held earlier this year in Switzerland brought sensitive and urgent issues to the forefront of our minds, with the central theme of "Cooperation in a fragmented world". Through the 18th global risk report, which brings a global survey with projections for the next two years and also for the next decade aiming at 2033, with long and dense subjects, a series of reflections are necessary, more than that, an invitation for new actions, new directions.

The most pressing issues for the year 2023, which could unfold if we do not find solutions soon, were: energy supply crisis; cost of living crisis; rising inflation; food supply crisis and cyberattacks on technology infrastructure.

What has been called a crisis in the cost of living, is associated with the high destruction of the biodiversity of species on the planet, which is also an alarming risk considering the projections for 2033, which unfolds in other problems, such as large-scale involuntary migration, an overpopulation in search of regions with adequate quality of life, which will impact several social transitions. With the aggravating factor in the search for solutions to find these new paths are the facts that we are recently coming from 2 years of pandemic and the newest war in Europe, which has already lasted 1 year, where it hinders global relaxation to create a new direction.

Outside the Top 5 risks of 2023, but no less important, are the big warnings for the next decade, in 2033, which are old acquaintances but for which we have not yet managed to create an effective solution: failure to stabilize consumption value trajectories; failure to mitigate climate change and failure to adapt to climate change.The latter two for the first time classified separately, and a big alert also to the rapid growth of technological potential, dictating a new economy, a new educational formation and a series of new markets in societies that are not yet structured to receive all this, opening the door to widespread cybercrime, cyber insecurity, which will also dictate new impacts on an economic, business and social transition.

Even though the focus is on the planet's survival from the current crises, in the midst of so many obstacles there are new trends and some solutions are already here and now too, for those willing to be part of the change. Companies have a fundamental role in promoting this change and can contribute to accelerate the necessary transitions, for this the appropriate measures need to be taken immediately. Considering that more than 50% of our economy depends on the survival of biodiversity, we need to align our actions and business strategies, some keys are brought to make this happen in some sectors, such as the examples given in the food sector, where 40% of products are lost. Measures can be taken to align a more sustainable production and at the same time collaborate to reduce hunger in the world. Another example comes from the automobile industry, where around 870 billion could be saved if there were effective recycling and new strategies in more sustainable production. In an overall survey of the various sectors of society, there is a significant economic opportunity, about $10.1 trillion per year, that can be seized by taking the right steps.

So we see two scenarios, practically a rift in different poles of information, it is up to us to choose in which direction we will go, more than that, where we want to align the brand of our companies, the identity of our cities and our walk in humanity. By aligning technology and high quality information, we open the door to build this new reality together through Sustainable Business, with a chain of actions necessary for this regeneration. By strengthening the three ESG pillars, companies are able to take a new look at where to direct their investments, developing strategies to implement sustainable and socially responsible changes, positively impacting their entire internal and external supply network.

Some numbers of impacts can already be visualized, such as the 'Knowing the SDGs' initiative, which had a historic itinerancy through Brazil in 2022, as well as the 'Dharmic Leadership Project - Global Goals', where we collaborate so that indigenous wisdom has the necessary voice in this planetary transformation.