The world is experiencing a paradigm shift after Covid-19 (which has not even totally left us yet). Businesses closed their doors, travel did not happen, schools and industries stopped their activities. Hunger and inequality increased, while a virus claimed victims across the continents. This is why the green takeover is so important, to build the legacy of our companies taking into account environmental, social, and good governance concerns. And there are already tools in place to make this fresh start as sustainable as possible, seeing in the present the actions that will make a difference in the future.

EcoVadis is on a mission to engage companies on a sustainability improvement journey with the insights and tools that positively impact global value chains. Acquiring the knowledge of sustainability is an essential step for companies that want to improve practices, meet shareholder, employee and customer expectations, build resilience and thrive in the "new normal".

To help with this arduous and urgent task the EcoVadis Academy was born, an easily accessible e-learning platform that provides guidance for priority sustainability developments. The Introduction to Sustainability, Sustainability Management Frameworks and Environmental Policy courses are a great resource for requesting (e.g. buyers, portfolio managers) and rating organizations (e.g. their suppliers, partners) and are aligned with the EcoVadis methodology, which measures the quality of a company's sustainability management system through its policies, actions and results. They qualify people to work side-by-side with the most important improvement areas in your corporation identified in the EcoVadis Scorecards, the scorecards your company receives after passing the assessment. It also has features such as the Corrective Action Plan and the Carbon Action Module.

The EcoVadis Academy is designed to assist companies on this journey of growth and transformation by enabling them to address priority improvement areas in environment, labor and human rights, ethics, and sustainable procurement practices.

Users from organizations that buy supplies see how the EcoVadis Academy complements collaboration with suppliers to improve their sustainability performance and drive positive impact in supply chains. To make a lasting sustainability impact of suppliers and in supply chains it is not enough to thoroughly assess them. It is critical to follow up with them and provide knowledge and training opportunities to enable continuous improvement towards sustainability leadership and responsible sourcing practices. Where one grows, all grow!

Every organization has a role to play in creating a better world, in solving the human and environmental crises facing our planet. And every company can improve its performance and impact with the right guidance and training.