Climate change is everywhere. In the news, in political speeches, in school lessons, because climate extremes and their consequences are increasingly knocking on our door. The health and safety risks of climate change and our immense dependence on nature's scarce resources echo around the world.

The act of planning your company's actions to mitigate the risks caused by climate extremes, working with the community to build a possible future, and annually considering what lies ahead show that ESG practices today may end up changing the risk profile of investors tomorrow.

Each of these trends is shaping organizations and society. They suggest the challenges and opportunities that may exert an influence on the investment portfolios and attitudes of corporations to face in the years and decades to come.


MSCI is a leading provider of critical decision support tools and services to the global investment community. With over 50 years of research experience, its data and technology enable clients to understand and analyze the key drivers of risk and return, and confidently build more effective and sustainable portfolios. Based on MSCI's publications, we have prepared a list of ESG trends that should impact investors and companies this year:

1) Evolution of regulation: more and more countries require ESG practices from companies and their supply chain (Scope 3). Laws and regulations establish and hold accountable those who produce for their impact on the environment and society.

2) Backlash for the doomed green washing: the "greenwash". The term refers to bad practices of businesses, industries, companies and governments in relation to sustainability, which include speeches aimed at preserving the environment that do not happen in practice. The market is watching and no longer accepts it.

3) Increasing pressure to use renewable energy: Society and governments want to know more about the carbon footprint of companies and demand that they reduce their impact on the planet.

4) Role of natural capital: keeping an eye on production costs, it is necessary to keep in mind that nature's goods should not be considered as free and infinite assets. They need to be valued and used intelligently, going through a pricing process.

Climate Change Affects Everyone

Climate is eclipsing governance and social issues at the top of the ESG agenda, reflecting both the existential threat of rising global temperatures and the race against time to control it. Everyone must take responsibility and do their part. That is why ESG practices have become a key determinant of business and investment. 2022 will prove this.

An ESG rating provides the company's look at the impacts it causes, and the opportunity for society to know what it does to mitigate them, to produce with respect and sustainability. For an organization to move towards net zero, it must seriously rethink the effects of climate change on its business, also corporate diversity and equity, its role in defense of ecosystems and biodiversity.

How about starting now?

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